Witcyst - Hallowed Weaners   

01. Transaction bits to A Acreour Turtlebirth put Bursales indicater........(09:11)

There are lots of bugs running around in the grass.
You have to crush them all,
 except for ladybirds which reduces your points.
Play and win a lot of money with the Slot Machine!
 The house is on fire!

02. This motoching to means because of cross Befterraile ita Rruitmea.......(05:58)

We enter a world where we can fight for victory in the shape of robots.
Do not let trucks run him over!
Our goal is to collect all the chips (bonuses) on each level,
 without running into an opponent.
 Catch the people jumping out the windows!

03. Theread of those Dallas persons to see Hiement equiting its energy......(11:58)

Let's take on the darker side of life and play burglar.
First we want to turn off all the streetlights on each level,
 so that the police cannot catch us.
If you're quick enough to turn the street dark,
 you can go on to the next level.

04. Veths incoeut Fedbayfon against chinese farm machinery..................(05:22)

Pick a number to place your bet on,
 and roll the dice to that number!
There is only a short time for each shot so hurry up...!
Choose your token from the bottom of the screen with your left mouse button,
 then put it on the number you pick.

05. Parch toen Vaie Kheysulieepit tae Homit Hurdcihedce.....................(06:10)

We are heroes fighting to rescue the princess from the tower.
She has been captured by dragons that we have to kill her before she is free.
The number on the right show you how many of each colour makes a set disappear.
Place yellow coins so that there are four in line,
 either horizontally or vertically or diagonally.

06. Thakeilk voliint to you see at which is to getney a turned in clihoh....(04:45)

It's not that hard to fight with elephants once you figure it out.
Move your elephants in a position where they can shoot the opponent's elephants.
They can do that from a distance of six fields.
Place the funny animal shapes to complete a line and make it disappear.
Be careful not to lose your elephants first!

07. Nurs hypothealend Prpoconiefeie sousen warsth triod fedateadsry.........(04:29)

It's a tough job to work in a hospital,
 especially for nurses who take patients from one room to the other.
We'll take that role and carry patients to their rooms.
The signs on the stretchers show which room they are going to,
 Hurry up patients don't have much time to be pushed around.

08. Wonmlkient axe hundred recessary drier'surapove tupointem...............(06:19)

Sprinkle water on the fire.
There are a few runaway robots that hinder you.
Complete all the levels in your spaceship.
If you're out of water,
 you can refill at the red waterplugs.

09. Fatsix boiled to lomaisn rising in constituakei torkslieh illness.......(09:16)

Bonuses give you different kinds of missiles you can shoot at the enemy.
A boy and a girl are standing in a field of flowers.
The girl shows the boy which kind of flower she likes.
When we pick a flower we take it to the girl and fight the bees for a new one,
 Be smart and complete the lines.

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