WITCYST - crawlspace artist series 4.1        LifeSpace#065

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Witcyst-Black Album 4x LATHE 8” ed 20 Crawlspace NZ noise bananafish the dead c

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Witcyst- The Black Album quadruple LATHE CUT 8” set [#3 in an edition of 20] (Crawlspace Artist Series 4.2/Life3space LS#065)

The final installment of the Crawlspace Artists Series was the 4 lathe cut 8" leatherette covered Black Album from Witcyst. A handmade blast of brilliance from one of New Zealand's (if not New Zealand's) most unique artist.

This is one of the most limited of the Crawlspace Artist Edition with just 20 made. This is #3/20.

The set comes with a 7.5" by 7.5" collage print and a 12 page Witcyst discography/Crawlspace catalog.

Whangarei, New Zealand's Witcyst has been making tapes and micro edition lathe records and CD's since the late 80's or early 90's. Witcyst has released works on Insample, Crawlsapce, Witcyst's own labels Extemporanious & Lifespace, Norway's Humbug, Canada's Bennifer Editions, NZ's Root Don Lonie For Cash as well as appearing on Corpus Hermeticum's Le Non Jazz, a split on Wolf Eyes' American Tapes with The Spyke and compilations from Bananafish, Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon, Drunken Fish, Pseudo Arcana and more.

Witcyst sprung from the same mad zeitgeist as CJA, Birchville Cat Motel, Armpit, Peter Wright, Pumice, The Dead C, Total, Handful of Dust, Gate and may appeal to fans of JOMF, Tower Recordings, Six Organs of Admittance, MV/EE, The Sunburned Hand of the Man etc.

This is truely extemporanious music with a completely unique sound.

Witcyst developed in relative seclusion in New Zeland, simultaniously with fellow avanteersin NZ and worldwide including CJA, Birchville Cat Motel, Total, Handful of Dust, John Oswald, John Weise, Armpit, Peter Wright, Pumice, Bastard Noise, John Duncan, Wolf Eyes, and in the wake of people like The Dead C, Gate, Christian Marclay, Sonic Youth, The Hafler Trio, Nocturnal Emissions, Oren Ambarchi, :zoviet*france:, etc. Witcyst has appeared on releases on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Insample, Humbug, Bennifer, Drunken Fish, Corpus Hermeticum, Ps Teledu says of Witcyst: Witcyst is a collagist of discarded rubbish as much as creator of more of the same. Muffled lullabyes, creepy atmopsheres, low-fi skree, tape manipulation, found sounds and snippets of all sorts of crap are attached to one another like a big, sick worm-dog.

Big City co nz says of Witcyst:
Perhaps the most prolific artist new zealand has ever produced, Michael Veet Ruiliude has produced as Witcyst, or as an number of his other mysterious alias, Veetjist, M. W. Vit, Wytcystallio, MXVXWX, Thighte Whistle, or a handful of groups - Falcoxi, Failian Falien, Naughty Pakehas, G.A.M etc etc the list goes on. On his own extemporanious and Lifespace labels there are over 600 documented Ruiliude recordings, and this number is growing daily, as he tends to release pretty much everything he records.

Purely a mail-order marvel, a Witcyst package contains a bizarre array of musical snippets in any grab-bag stylistic approaches, and acompanied by various pieces of visual artwork. With all this activity, Ruiliude has also found time to collaborate with and contribute material with Clayton Noone and his Root Don Lonie For Cash label, whilst still maintaining a release schedule on his own labels of mammoth proportion.

Noise (dot) as says:
Roslyn the first CD release from Witcyst comes packaged in a full-colour 8 page 7-inch booklet almost outdoing the music in terms of intensity. 44 forbidding, austere tracks make up the CD, short noise pieces mixed with distorted destroyed "songs" done with guitar and vocals. Not quite what I'd expected from the Witcyst heard on compilations...it's more like a dive into someone's psychopathologies. Kind of unique in the current crop of new NZ music, and there's a whole lot more of his music floating around out there.

Lathe discs are is MINT- (note that lathe discs are hand cut and typically have some noise and lower fidelity)/Cover and inserts are MINT to MINT-.

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