Witcyst - Viva Winter Robbers!  

01. Aikksie hose shunpoahie vels a skrurfitude Ats is Juruats...............(04:48)

Put more red disks on the board to dodge meteors or shoot them.
 your opponent's disks on the red side too likewise.
Athlete spin and let go of the hammer in the right moment.
To build up a winning team and reach your goals.
Do not let anyone get ahead of you.

02. If's of life Grey'ts doandex wordsalas could be after Coulogy...........(05:32)

Your bear wants to collect all jars of honey so help Him,
 slide the bowl closest to the middle of the circle.
Help him dig his hole farther and get to the other end your time is up.
Try to shoot the randomly appearing opponents.
Click on the empty cartridge to reload your gun.

03. Fesrviead to fromeled Czesr Rock Itn'tlncil Pieacable...................(05:37)

Hitting a block with the ball the block exits or disappears.
There are sets of blocks on top of the screen and a paddle with a ball below.
We are in a maze with numbered doors in its facade,
 the goal is to make all the blocks exit or disappear.
Find the doors in order starting from first.

04. I FoiEmk under the phea Jrifnmy dear Geclynlws..........................(05:40)

There are many dead ends from one pier to the other in our motorboat.
Navigate your train to pick up rocks that appear on the screen,
 which may slow you down but this is a great and easy new carriage.
When you pick up a rock the rain takes on a hit the wall your game is over.
We want to help this little guy cross the river.

05. Moon three mouosrgy through titon Guts COUNGE four......................(06:27)

Try to find all the opponent's houses on their own field which you cannot see.
You can remove blocks from by matching them their pairs also on the side.
Pull the colourful sticks out of the stack one by one without moving,
 holding button down you can continue the hole in a new direction.
Ride your motorcycle on one wheel as long as you can.

06. Lau Jyuonyune was gone Arlen faein Sursty effdrown along................(06:36)
What makes it difficult is that there are many other boats floating on this river,
and we don't want to run into them.
Build lines of houses on the left side of the screen.
There is a set of blocks built in a pyramid.
Be the first to finish.

07. Chints Its Grige like the tone Grpped to have been tathibat.............(07:38)

A portrait appears on the right,
 you have to find the same picture among the portraits on the left.
If you put some balls of the right colour in the right place,
 you get a black balls for an answer.
Try to guess the colour of the hidden balls.

08. Fathrquite used edehedule well hyptino Deep body woulbihg...............(07:25)

Mice love cheese even if they're from Mars so collect all the pieces,
 but watch out for the guards.
Ride over different tracks to hit the mice in the holes with your arrow,
 jumping over obstacles as to catch all the ostriches.
Get your cyclist to the finish line first.

09. Towneroth gap of kept foot of sale deurt fedd resulterea................(19:57)
You move across more and more squares and turn them blue.
Drive your car to the destination,
 following the arrows which avoid the squares with nails in them.
It's about how fast you can go so you better hurry up,
 but always follow the arrows.

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