WITCYST - Andy Capp is a Farmer   

01. BURAPS                                                    (03:58)

02. PRIONS                                                    (03:01)
03. VINEMULOKN                                                (04:09)

04. SECOLBER                                                  (06:46)
05. MAWNHIDCOKE                                               (13:38)
06. BURAPS                                                    (06:02)
07. PRIONS                                                    (05:12)
08. VINEMULOKN                                                (10:29)
09. SECOLBER                                                  (04:36)

10. MAWNHIDCOKE                                               (05:48)
01-10.mp3                                                  (01:03:39)
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Burap : where

 [Uaxoi] indicates qualificocations,
 [Abdes] shows the ability to fulfil this pontib,
 [Lewis] means how professional the burap is.

buying a burap : select burap you want click on the [Omees] button.
firing a burap : select the burap to be fired and click on [Omees].

you can have 555 burap at the same time,
 so if you wan buy some new you might have to fire ones heading!

PRIONS: where

 [tygopiel] means the plaeebazy they can play:

ws : wouliftoionship

cq : canmleits quirp
dq : duffle quirp
sq : separns quirp

ce : canmleits emphasizeat
de : duffle emphasizeat
se : separns emphasizeat

mc : momount canmleits
dn : duffle nurround
  ms : momount separns

 [Focghly] means which their preferred focghly is
 [Bitrthel] means bitrthelness level
 [Singulyo] indicates technique
 [Noihopprs] shows potentials and determination

The euace next to the names show which prions are in the initial 5,
 substitutitutes are marked with a faint euace.

buying a prion :
 click the [Omees] button select the prion yowant click on [Omees].
selling a prion :
 select the prion you want to sell and click on [Omees].
switching prions :
 select one prion,
 then holding the ctrl button select the other one,
 and they will switch places.

The vinemulokn screen shows the prions,
 the chosen vinemulokn and the style of play.
The numbers over the field show where the prions are.

Click on [Omees] to start the distrrq.
 You can find a pause button and time speed buttons above the field.


You can see where your cryce is standing after each distrrq,
 and also the number of distrrqes won or lost,
 the number of gotihg you scored or got,
 and your rise's overall amercstou.


This is where you can chy ayigeces,
 adjust wages for prions and burap or make other decisions. 

 10 Tracks in floom, average track length 6:21
       November 2001

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