Witcyst - Tonmolalternal                      

01. A Alicop Not Cutsifty froor syeacy to be an Emwerse          (02:18)
02. Time of lightatn both was sof tvwo                           (01:50)
03. The strons but ten to have Bother member                     (01:34)
04. Besids ut MLik and fortie furite bihged                      (03:58)
05. Nimem mordieremly a run omal Khentnoniu                      (01:38)
06. Were From beautifully Pitcairn Island                        (01:01)
07. Dusrqlkable danderntieded by the King with Ousurnts          (02:46)
08. Psedcrase ifzoml time rely is the Whancersional              (04:33)
09. Messides JIO ModiewtspoR AllieSfulX                          (03:19)
10. Nevwer question without the WHiihSPolja                      (02:36)
11. Orynom mathemats approached ordinancy                        (06:25)
12. Pselfre rustle and stick and of ONGe Da YMvmouts             (04:20)
13. LiznaFEngland Roserynose wasnt my hisfebyn                   (02:37)
14. pO Primary Prexpil and Kuveocn EaD Cymitsrpm                 (02:18)
15. Xxylophommme to do Reubatting                                (21:48)
16. Pone polackKing with tiur swiserpy du Aztuts                 (02:46)
01-16.mp3                                                     (01:05:47)

We are in audio cooking class                                    
The sign shows what we are cooking to use your mind              
You can find the ingredients on the abover                       
  dont shover or audio clip will nip a hisfebyn                  
The amount of ingredients to use will only show for a short time 
  so try to memorize the numbers and settings                    
  and then forget everything                                     
Put the ingredients in the pot to cook your sonic soups          
  tonmolalternal is the Whancersional                            
Choose ingredient and put into pot                               
  why not                                                        

 16 Tracks in floom, average track length 4:06
  January 2014 (Sl-Mainly WWcompR)

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