M. V. W. - white powder in clear plastic bag        

Your objective is to manage your team to top rank by the end of the season

To start the game, choose the team you would like to control.
Try to shoot the randomly appearing opponents.
To build up a winning team and reach your goals, you'll need:

COACHES                                                          (09:45)
Coaches : where

 [job] indicates qualifications,
 [level] shows the ability to fulfil this job,
 [skill] means how professional the coach is.

buying a coach : select the coach you want to buy and click on the [buy]
firing a coach : select the coach to be fired and click on [drop].

you can only have one coach, so if you want to buy someone new you'll have
 to fire the current one!
The real goal is to gain more tokens.

PLAYERS                                                          (15:47)
Players: where

 [type] means the position they can play:

lb : left back
cb : center back
rb : right back

lm : left midfield
cm : center midfield
lm : right midfield

sl : shooter left
cf : center front
  sr : shooter right

 [Fit] means fitness level
 [skill] indicates technique
 [PW] shows potentials and determination

The balls next to the names show which players are in the initial 5,
 substitutes are marked with a faint ball.
Shoot the canonball to knock the other players over.

Select two identical ones plus one you take out.
buying a player : click on the [buy] button and select the player
  you want to buy and click on [buy].
The goal is to make all the players disappear.
selling a player : select the player you want to sell and click on.
switching players : select one player, then holding the ctrl button
 select the other one, and they will switch places.

TACTICS                                                          (13:17)
The Tactics screen shows the players, the chosen tactics and
 the style of play.
Hit the opponent as often as you can.
The numbers over the court show where the players are.
When you hear the gong, do not hesitate to fire,
 before your opponent shoots you.

Click on [play] to start the match. You can find a pause button
 and time speed buttons above the field.
But you are quick enough to avoid their attacks!

SEASON                                                           (12:12)

You can see where your team is standing after each match,
 and also the number of matches won or lost,
 the number of goals you scored or got, and your team's overall score.
You have a rifle to protect yourself from different players.
Look out for the traps on the wall too!
Have a safe journey!

MANAGEMENT                                                       (13:22)

This is where you can manage finances,
 Watch out, they're very tricky,
 they always show up where they're least expected.
Have you had no chance yet to speed on the roads?
 Here it is now!
 Imagine a busy day in the city with heavy traffic,
 where you want to overtake everyone.
 It is only a game, but try to avoid accidents!
Adjust wages for players and coaches or make other decisions. 
 Players jump on the marked chimney and clean it.
 Try to manage the falling animals...

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