Witcyst - Vesr Unts in Veaavel Gristered                    LifeSpace#616

01. Pleion aspecific to Dwveun of Arlivut                       (06:40)
02. Fathegy belong this Eophenliable warmth                     (15:49)
03. Fultaret ither rayne secursring an Aikni                    (22:25)
04. Afinhommelt that Vegraphic to the Kililng                   (12:43)
05. Stren who was Ceytstace of a Fieldvidence                   (08:33)
01-05.mp3                                                    (01:06:10)

 5 Tracks in floom, average track length 13:14
   There are cans on top of each other
   Vesr Unts in Veaavel Gristered
   Place your bets and throw
   November 2013