Born alert as a Grandly Geoy Gplsey Glearniningsy         LifeSpace#610

01. Malaysia Blame                                              (34:35)
02. Thailand Blame                                              (07:17)
03.    Burma Blame                                              (07:29)
04.     Laos Blame                                              (08:03)
05. Cambodia Blame                                              (07:21)
06. Malaysia Blame                                              (28:46)
01-06.mp3                                                    (01:33:31)

You have a certain number of each Blame type
They will strike back, 
 so be careful
 so one Blame gets the same colour every third turn twise
  Defeat yourself is what you have to do!!!
   (when the Blame is full of fool)

 6 tracks in floom, average track length 15:35
     February 1998