ROOK - maybe ROOK does Kara McKinney, 
maybe ROOK does WITCYST                            LifeSpace#550

01. Side 1. maybe ROOK does Kara McKinney                            (29:54)
02. Side 2. maybe ROOK does WITCYST                                  (29:19)
01-02.mp3                                                         (00:59:13)
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 2 tracks in floom, average track length 29:36
  1998 - Februarney

" rrok today anyway
  not on as is not aliving as a person
  ASIF im(?) trever to keept stuck
  once trying to keep out or way, in a bleeding box
  i try to copie myself as another La La La La
  please let me live...:  e.t.c.